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Good Research is always a matter of good teamwork

The Neonatal research group Innsbruck (Department of Paediatrics II, Neonatology, Medical University Innsbruck) is led by Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. Elke Griesmaier, PhD and Dr. Anna Posod.
Our group focuses on different aspects of neonatal reserach. One main topic is the preterm brain. We aim to protect the developing preterm brain and to establish potential neurprotective therapies.
We also focus on the discovery of early biomarkers for perinatal brain injury and to predict later outcome.

Research Projects

Our group is located at Innsbruck, being part of the Medical University, Children´s Hospital, Department of Neonatology.

The work of our team is dedicated to reduce perinatal brain damage and thus to reduce the neurological sequelae in later life.

Information about current research projects.

Grants and financial support

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Our group is supported by research grants. At the moment, the group works with the following research grants and prices ...


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Neonatal Research Team Innsbruck has a variety of national and international partners.

Doctoral/Diploma thesis in neonatal neurology

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The neonatal neuroscience group offers to medical students to join our team and perform a doctoral/diploma thesis in our research which is dedicated to reduce perinatal brain damage.
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